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Beach gear at Shade USA. We have everything you need to accessorize your day at the beach: Portable Beach Hammock (zzzz.....) cool Water Misters, Beach Towels, tote bags.....even a colorful Beach Kite to test your skills. Don't forget to check out our selection of Beach Table and Beach Coolers too. Click here for Beach towels and beach blankets.



Personal Beach Table - $16.95

Personal beach table

Keep your gear and personal items out of the sand.

Free canvas tote and storage bag.

Portable personal beach table... ...keeps your gear high, dry and out of the sand... ...and includes free canvas tote. Fits in a suitcase!


Headed to the beach for a day or even that coveted week long Caribbean vacation? You have an umbrella and a chair, but how will you keep your sunglasses, that fabulous novel and your food and drinks out of the sand? Our personal beach table features:

  • Generous 16" x 14" x 10" tall table top

  • Folds to compact 16" x 7" x 2" - perfect for a suitcase and air travel to a faraway beach destination.

  • Lightweight at just 2 pounds, but will support up to 35 pounds.

  • Fully assembled - no tools required

  • $16.95

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Super compact beach cart by Wheeleez. Roll your beach gear over the sand

Baloon tires make hauling your beach gear a breeze

The Wheeleez folding mini beach cart with easy roll balloon tires. Haul all of your beach gear to the shore without getting bogged down in the sand. Features:
  • Weight: 12 lbs

  • Payload capacity: 77 lbs

  • Material: Tubular steel Platform dimensions: 10" wide x 12" Width incl. wheels: 24.4"

  • Folded - frame & wheels: 22"L x 13.5"W x 8"H

  • Handle height: 38"

  • Finish: Epoxy powder coated

  • Balloon Wheels: 8-2/3" diameter x 5" wide

  • $249.95

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Wheeleez® Folding Beach Cart --- $299.95

Click photos to enlarge

Convenient beach handcart Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart. Wheels won't bog in sand


The Wheeleez sports caddy is perfect for carrying coolers, chairs, boards, umbrellas, and well just about everything. Save time and your back.

  • Patented balloon 12" wheels.

  • 165 pound payload capacity.

  • Weighs just 20 pounds (ships UPS oversized 30 lb rate).

  • Powder coated tubular steel frame.

  • Drop ships 3-5 business days.

  • Folds flat.

  • opens to 29"H x 16"W x 12"L

  • $299.95

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Wheeleez® Beach Cart --- $349.95


Wheeleez Beach Cart



The Wheeleez push cart---Patented balloon wheels make going to the beach a pleasure, not a pain! Wheeleez® wheels will not sink or plow into soft sand, soggy grass or other unstable/uneven surfaces, quite unlike any other tire/rim combination. Heavy, awkward loads are easily pushed or pulled over most all terrain by anyone: young old; big or little.

  • High Density Polyethylene tub.

  • Holds up to 220 pounds.

  • Huge 17" balloon wheels.

  • No assembly req'd (wheels mount/dismount easily).

  • Adjustable folding handle.

  • Weighs 29 lbs (ships at UPS oversized 70 pound rate).

  • Drops ships 3-5 business days

  • 38"H x 26"L x 16"W.

  • $349.95

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BEACH TABLE --- $19.95 $14.95 Beach table on sale! (See video)


Available in hunter green or navy blue.

Available in Jamaican green.

This beach table is a perfect accessory to our Wearever backpack chair.

Match this table to our handy Backpack Chair now on sale for just $29.95.

You have your umbrella for shade and a comfortable chair to relax in..... all you need now is someplace to set your food, sunglasses, book, etc...

Our Personal collapsible tables are a perfect companion to any beach umbrella. Keep food out of the sand. Click here for more details on this handy product. $14.95 Save $5 from our regular price!

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Sets up in seconds. The generous 18" x 18" canvas top sits 15" off the ground and folds into a matching carry bag. Stowed dimensions are 22" L x 5" Dia. Easily fits inside a beach bag, suitcase or the pouch of our Wearever backpack chair (shown) .Weighs 3 lbs. Available Jamaican green. $14.95




WONDER WHEELER DELUXE BEACH CART --- $69.95 with free wide-tire upgrade!


Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Beach Cart

We'll upgrade your order to the extra wide-tire model for free! See below

Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Beach Cart with free wide body wheels


Make your day at the beach simple. The Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Beach Cart makes the haul to the shoreline a breeze. Carry all of your chairs coolers, umbrellas and gear comfortably. The oversized wheels prevent this cool beach cart from bogging down in the sand.

  • Free upgrade to wide-body wheels for easy roll along the sand
  • snap on/off wheels for easy storage
  • Chair rack to hold up to 4 beach chairs
  • Umbrella holder
  • Removable tote
  • Mesh gear bag so you don't have to carry sand.
  • Folds flat for easy stow-n-go to just 32" x 20" x 8"
  • See manual below
  • 100 pound load capacity
  • 17 pounds
  • See Wonder Wheeler actual customer clip 1
  • See Wonder Wheeler actual customer clip 2
  • See product video below
  • 69.95
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Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Beach Cart instruction manual






ParaSheet beach blanket

ParaSheet Beach Blanket

ParaSheet beach blanket is the ultimate in portability. Perfect for travel! The entire oversized blanket stuffs into a palm-size bag and stows in any bag or suitcase. Made from silky parachute material so sand will not stick.

  • Weight: Less than 1 lb

  • Size: 7’ x 7’

  • Colorful pacific blue/lemon Parachute nylon

  • Machine washable and air dry

  • Side pocket for storage

  • Sand pockets at the corners for storage

  • Built-in stuff sack

  • Quick-dry nylon

  • Mildew resistant

  • Rip prevention pattern

  • $39.95

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The Undercover chair-topper Discontinued

Simple to use. Pop-up design attaches in seconds: Slide arm-band over chair back, slip lower end of shade top into arm-band and secure sides to chair arms. Folds down to 16" diameter into matching carry bag with the twist of the canopy. Perfect for any suitcase. Weighs less than 1 lb!   $19.95.               

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The Undercover beach chair shade stows easily inside the Wearever backpack chair.

Stows easily inside the Wearever backpack chair pouch.

Now available in black or hunter green.
Add a detachable chair shade to your Wearever backpack chair order for just $19.95.





Misty Mate personal mister.

instantly cools air!

Water misters

Cools air as much as 30º. Great for sports, sun bathing, golfing, exercising, walking, biking, hiking, gardening and any outdoor event. Uses ordinary tap water. Simply fill, pump and mist. Use over and over again. No batteries required. Pressurized water is forced through a specially designed  stainless steel nozzle, atomizing it into a fine mist. As the mist hits the air it flash evaporates cooling the air dramatically. Try adding ice for an even cooler sensation.
20 oz Cools for up to 2 hours of intermittent use or 20 minutes of continual mist. Includes a handy hose clip to attach to items such as beach umbrellas, canopies, chairs or an article of clothing. 3" diameter x 12" long. 1 lb. Click here for more misting systems.

Misty Mate Power Mist: 24 oz. capacity. Color will vary $39.95

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Hook for beach umbrellas

Keep your beach gear high and dry with a set of beach umbrella hooks.


Beach umbrella hook by Pole-R Bear. Dry towels, swimsuits, rash guards. Keep personal items high and dry:







Beach umbrella table attaches to any beach umbrella pole.

Generous 18" x 18" deck keeps food, drinks and personal gear out of the sand.

Beach umbrella table


Beach Umbrella Table is a great way to keep all your beach essentials within reach and out of the sand:

  • Generous 18" x 18" deck clamps firmly to any beach umbrella pole.

  • Lightweight UV polypropylene weighs just 2 pounds

  • Cleans up in a snap

  • Assembles in seconds

  • White

  • $19.95

  • Order Beach Table here.

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