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Misters: Patio misters and patio misting systems by Misty Mate. Easy to install and simple to use.  Our portable water misters can drop the air temperature by as much as 30 º. These lightweight misters are easy to carry and easy to use. See our line of cool water misters below.

Our water misters use ordinary tap water. No batteries are ever needed.

Misty Mate personal mister.

Patio misters by Misty Mate

Commercial grade misting system

Portable cannister water mister

Personal misters $39.95


Patio Misting systems $59.95

Commercial grade misting kit


4-head portable canister mister $69.95

Fan Misting system


Fan Mister $19.95




Misty Mate personal mister.

Cools air!

Great for any outdoor event


Cools air as much as 30º. Great for sports, sun bathing, golfing, exercising, walking, biking, hiking, gardening and any outdoor event. Uses ordinary tap water. Simply fill, pump and mist. Use over and over again. No batteries required. Pressurized water is forced through a specially designed  stainless steel nozzle, atomizing it into a fine mist. As the mist hits the air it flash evaporates cooling the air dramatically. Try adding ice for an even cooler sensation.
24 oz. cools for up to 2 hours of intermittent use or 20 minutes of continual mist. Includes a handy hose clip to attach to items such as beach umbrellas, canopies, chairs or an article of clothing. 3" diameter x 12" long. 1 lb.

Misty Mate Power Mist: 24 oz. capacity. Color will vary $39.95.

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Patio misters by Misty Mate

Patio water misters turn any garden hose or spigot into a full patio misting system. 7 lbs. $59.95

Add a water filter for just $19.95

Remove nozzle-clogging particulates.
Add a in-line water filter for just $19.95

  • Patios

  • Decks

  • Greenhouses

  • Pet and animal areas

  • Pool areas

  • Restaurants/cafes

Easy to install. Nothing else to buy.


  • 30 feet of misting line

  • 10 feet of supply line

  • 16 nozzles

  • Mounting brackets

  • Complete instructions

  • Almond beige hose.

  • UV PVC fittings/nozzles

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Commercial grade misting system

Water misters for residential

Water mistimg cools pet areas

Commercial grade high pressure misting kit. Great for home, pets or industrial applications. Features:
  • 2 prefabricated 6' copper lines

  • 2 Flexible nylon tubes

  • 6 stainless steel misting heads

  • 1 sediment filter

  • 2 brass unions

  • 1 brass elbow

  • 1 brass end plug

  • 10 vinyl coated clamps, screws and anchors

  • Handles up to 1,000 PSI

  • Detailed instruction brochure

  • $99.95

  • Add a 6' extension $39.95 or 6-pak mister nozzles $14.95

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Portable cannister water mister

Great for any outdoor setting: Parties, soccer fields sporting events, golf carts, or outdoor retail. No batteries ever needed. Simple pump mechanism allows for hours of hands-free mist.
  • 4 misting heads @ .5 gals/hour

  • Attaches to virtually any structure

  • Rugged 2 gallon tank

  • Includes clip attachments

  • 10' main line

  • 6' mist line

  • Heads centered @ 1' intervals

  • Handy stop valve to control flow.

  • Empty weight 3 pounds,

  • $69.95

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FAN MISTER --- $19.95

Fan Misting system

Fan Misting System:

The 11” Microline Fan ring effectively enhances the cooling power of any regular outdoor fan (with a diameter greater than 13”). It simply attaches to the safety cage and turns your regular fan into a powerful mister!

  • 11” diameter ring

  • Attaches to any standard garden hose or spigot (3/4”)

  • Made of 1/8” of polyethylene tubing

  • 5’ of Supply Line

  • 3 MicroMist Technology Nozzles

  • 3 adjustable plastic fittings

  • Zip ties to secure to fan cage

  • Note: Fan is not included. Be sure to ONLY use with an approved Outdoor Fan.

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