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Telebrella® portable beach umbrella with telescoping frame is perfect for air travel. Flying to that much anticipated beach get away? What if you can't buy an umbrella once you get there? Tired of playing the "Towel Game" with fellow resort guests? You know the ones: they get up early in the morning, set their beach towel on a beach set and then walk away assuming they have reserved the chair and/or umbrella for the entire day, leaving everyone else to scramble for shade. See how actual customers shared this experience with us.

You can do without a lot at the beach, but shade is a necessity. The problem is: how do you get a full sized beach umbrella into a suitcase? We've solved that problem with our latest beach gear innovation The TeleBrella® Portable beach umbrella with telescoping ribs.

Shade USA has been the only innovator to address the need for a fully portable travel-ready folding beach umbrella. Our PortaBrella® Portable beach umbrella has been on the market for years now. Our now famous PortaBrella® has been the runaway best-selling beach umbrella at our flagship website (ya, we're the beach umbrella experts when it comes to innovation and quality. We are truly beach bums at heart and in practice).

We've listened to our customers who have been inquiring over the possibility of a larger shade canopy while keeping to the golden 24" inch folded length needed to qualify as a truly portable suitcase-able beach umbrella. Here's how we made it happen: we were working with a camera tripod a few years ago when the light bulb went on: why not use the same telescoping-legs technology to produce a telescopic umbrella frame?

It's taken us three years to perfect the concept. We're proud to bring to market a rock solid, fully portable 7' beach umbrella. Please see below to learn more about TeleBrella's unique design features and travel beach umbrella package.

Compare PortaBrella® to TeleBrella®




Features include:

  • Fully portable beach umbrella is designed to fit inside your suitcase. Folded dimensions are 24" long x 6" diameter
  • All aluminum metal frame will not rust and weighs just 7 pounds.
  • Assembled frame stretches to 7', making this one of the largest beach umbrella on the market. Easily shades 2 and gear.
  • Oversized wind vent.
  • Tilting canopy
  • 4 piece sand bag tethering kit adds stability as the breezes kick up. Canopy has reinforced canvas attachment points.
  • Self anchoring lower pole section saves $ and carry weight over having to purchase a separate anchoring device.
  • 2 carry bags: pack/carry when folded or fully assembled. Don't worry about trying to fit your TeleBrella in it's bags. We've made them roomy and aggravation-free.
  • $69.95
  • Order TeleBrella Portable Beach Umbrella

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Wanna see something amazing? Click on this pic to see where we've taken beach umbrella design to. We believe we've engineered the sturdiest beach umbrella frame on the market... and we've made it portable too. 24" to over 7'. Even if you don't buy one, you have to admit it's something special.



TeleBrella's unique telescopic support frame

Ok, the wraps are off and it's time for the reveal. TeleBrella's unique telescopic design turns this 24" folded canopy frame into a full 7' shade umbrella. Yes, it tilts too!


Here's what you get:
  • One self-anchoring lower pole with attached drive handle.
  • Two middle section poles.
  • spf 50 sun blocking 7' ocean blue canopy with oversized wind vent.
  • Travel carry bag for packing.
  • Full sized carry bag for fully-assembled transport to and from your beach.
  • Four sand bags with tethering clips.

Click to enlarge for detail

TeleBrella portable beach umbrella packs in your suitcase.

You have to have shade at the beach. Why stress over a rental when you can pack your own umbrella?

Here's how it works (you can also click here to download product instruction sheet - might take a minute, there's lot's of pics):


Step 3: Spread canopy section: Loosen knurled locking hub, pull down and re-tighten locking hub at its lowest point

Step 1: Insert drive handle and drill lower pole section securely into the sand


Step 2: Insert one of the middle pole sections into the lower pole and secure with locking arm clamp


Step 4: Fully extend inner rib. Tip: this is best accomplished by releasing all slider locks, holding framework upside down allowing gravity to extend the ribs. Lock all ribs into place with slider lock

Step 6: Insert remaining middle pole section to assembled canopy section. Secure the two sections with locking arm clamp


Step 5: Fully extend each outer rib and lock into place with slider lock


Step 7: Pull canopy top over assembled frame

Step 9: Screw centering hub cap to canopy

  Step 8: Use finger straps to pull canvas rib pockets over each rib. Tip: The final rib or two may be tough to pull due to increased tension. In this case you can release rib slider lock, pulling rib into pocket then re-locking slider  

Step 10: Insert assembled canopy section to lower pole section. Relax!

Staying at the beach for a few days? We’ve included a full-length carry bag so you can transport your pre-assembled TeleBrella™ to the shore line.


  We've included a 4-piece sand bag tethering kit to ensure your umbrella stays put in the ocean breeze. Simply loop the sand bag clip through TeleBrella's finger pull and reattach to rope. Click image to enlarge attachment detail.



Compare PortaBrella® to TeleBrella®:





Sun protection

spf 50

spf 50

Folded dimensions

24" x 4" x 4"

24" x 6" x 6"

Opened canopy diameter



Assembly/installation time

Apprx 2 minutes

Apprx 3 minutes


Oversized wind vent

Oversized wind vent








5 pounds

7 pounds

Center pole

Powder coated steel or aluminum, depending on model selected




$69.95 - Note that TeleBrella® includes 4 pc tethering kit ($14.95) and an extra full length carry bag ($4.95). These included extras make the actual price differential just $10.

Compare frame assembly

PortaBrella® uses same fiberglass used on most beach umbrellas on the market today.

TeleBrella® uses aluminum tubing similar to that used on today's patio umbrellas.


Final analysis: If price and ease of use are most important, then PortaBrella® might be the right choice for you. However, if you're like us and you'd prefer extra shade, the strongest beach umbrella frame on the market and you don't mind the set up, then TeleBrella® would be a good fit. Tip: we found in testing that the simplest way to use TeleBrella® is to assemble your umbrella in your room and use the included 4' carry bag for the walk to your shady spot. This cuts down on a few minutes of installation at the beach, although we did draw a crowd as folks came to ask what we had and where they could get one.

And finally, do you want to talk to the inventor of these incredible portable travel beach umbrellas? Call Mark now @ 480-600-1049.


The Towel Game


“We purchased two portable beach umbrellas to bring them with us to our favorite Mexican resort which unfortunately does not provide enough shade spots, so people play this “towel” game at 6:00 am. We are very happy with our purchase!!! It’s really lightweight, compact, well made, and easy to assemble. One umbrella really provides enough shade for two people.”

“We took this umbrella to a resort in the Dominican Republic. When other people would get up at 5 a.m. to claim a resort “Palapa”, we could sleep in, and stroll down to the beach when ever we felt and set up our travel beach umbrella.”


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